What is Problem Reporting & Corrective Action template & why PMs should get their hands dirty in creating one?

Rohit Verma
2 min readDec 30, 2022


It’s crucial for PMs to understand the technology issue in detail so that they can create detailed PRD for future features.

Let’s go through the most common format in which such templates are created :


<Mention the priority of the issue>


<Write a detailed description of the issue >

Resolution Steps:

<Explain in detail the steps taken to resolve the issue >


<Highlight the business metric which got impacted due to this issue. >

Platform Impacted:

<Call out the list of platforms which got impacted due to this issue >

User Impact:

<Mention the impact or the problems faced by the end user due to this issue>

Long-term resolution :

<Figure out a long-term solution to fix this issue permanently >

Root cause:

<Ask 5 whys>


  • <Highlight and list down the key learnings from this incident>
  • <Highlight the positives during the issue resolution>


  • <Why the system never trigged the alerts>
  • <Steps to setup proper monitoring and alerting in real time>

Alerting Channel:

<List of channels where the alerts are received — slack, emails etc. >

Dashboard Links:

<List of dashboards where the performance can be monitored >

Incident Start Time:

<Start time of the issue>

Incident End Time:

<End time of the issue>

RCA Owner:

<Details of the RCA owner>

RCA Owning Team:

< Details of the RCA owning team

Issue Detection:

  • <How fast the issue was detected>
  • <What mode was the issue detected>
  • <How the issue was detected >

Issue Owner:

< Details of the issue owner >

Issue Owning Team:

<Team that fixed the issue>

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