What is Observation OKRs & why product managers should start tracking them as well?

Observation OKRs

  1. Discover → This involves collaborating extensively with UX research, deep-diving into customer empathy in order to understand the user pain points. I usually partner with UX researchers, customer support teams, sales teams to gain those insights.
  2. Define → This step helps you to narrow down your problem area to specific & feasible chunks. It involves identifying the target users, prioritizing the problems identified in the discovery phase with the relevant stakeholders.
  3. Vision You need to brainstorm with your leaders and stakeholders to brainstorm an audacious vision. You need to ensure that your overall vision is concrete & inspiring for all the stakeholders. The outcome would be a Product strategy document.
  4. Analytics Product analytics team is your key stakeholder in this phase. You need to bring structure to ambiguous problems, identify trends, capture key metrics & create dashboards for monitoring your north star metrics.
  5. Design → PMs collaborate with the design team to brainstorm & churn out hi-fi proto. Your design teams need to be onboarded for owning these OKRs.



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