Understand the basics of Software Architecture review from a Product Managers perspective

Rohit Verma
2 min readJan 6


Engineering lead along with the team of developers reviews the software architecture for the specific project. As a PM, it is helpful at times to be part of the review in order to have an overview of the software architecture & thus leverage that understanding in shaping the product roadmap.

Let’s go through the most generic template for the software architecture review :

📄 Overview

This includes the architectural diagram that explains how the structural components of the architecture work in conjunction.

🚩 Architecture issues

It captures the list of issues and their impact on the user experience or the KPI of the organization.

👥 Stakeholders

✏️ Software quality attributes

This section prioritizes key attributes which will be scrutinized during the review exercise.

🎯 Goals

Describe the goals of the software architecture.

👣 Next steps

Explain the work team plans to do and how it helps improve the user experience. This section can also include the estimates and documentation.

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