Types of Mobile Web Access

Mobile devices have generated a pervasive culture & as a Product /UX designer , it’s imperative for them to understand the customer behavior through various interaction with their mobile devices.

As a result , UX/Product designers need to equip themselves with method & tools to research our users’ lives before zeroing down to the solutions.

Josh Clark , the author of Tapworthy — Designing Great iPhone Apps , offers 3 categories for mobile web access namely :-


Users are curious about what is happening in their vicinity . In this case mobile devices acts as a very smart radar. It is aware about your likes & dislikes . If you like romantic movies & you are searching for the same in the nearby theatre , it will automatically filter out or sort the romantic movies for you to chose from.


This encapsulates the use case when users interact with the devices for a short span but it involve frenzied periods of activity .
Example:- A business leader is going through the Quarterly Report which arrived in his inbox while he was travelling through the train & he wish to jot down or highlight the important points to deep dive further. He also wanted to juggle with the nos shared in the report using the Calculator App.


In this case , user is sitting idle & has nothing better to do and is looking to be entertained or engage leisurely . For instance , Vidyut has just placed an order on Swiggy for Pasta & on the order confirmation page , Swiggy is showing the latest Netflix movie trailer which he can binge watch while he is waiting for his order to be delivered.

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