Top 5 Skills of a great Product Leader

Rohit Verma
2 min readFeb 11, 2021


Each organization applies different categories to describe the skillset of great PMs. However, the underlying theme continues to remain unchanged . A great PM is expected to efficiently deliver high quality impactful products which enhances the customer experience with minimum hiccups.

Let’s group the skills of a great product leader into 5 categories:-

1. People Management Skills

These skills come into action when you are given the managerial responsibility to recruit , coach , conduct performance reviews , manage product processes & subsequently manage the overall team.

2. Product Skills

These skills are your bread and butter. Deriving user insights , data insights , identifying trends & solving problems coupled with decent technical skills & product design sense helps to develop high-quality product that aims to elevate customer experience & solve their key problems.

3. Execution Skills

Skills such as project management , time management , having getting things done attitude & managing the product launches helps to deliver your product deliverables efficiently, quickly & smoothly.

4. Strategic Skills

These skills enhance your ability to drive the product roadmaps & optimize the deliverables for the long-term impact. Product managers leads the Goal setting , OKRs discussion, thus developing Product roadmaps aligned with vision of the organization.

5. Leadership Skills

These are key skills which strengthen and empowers the Product Manager to collaborate, mentor & communicate well with others.

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