How to create a User-Centric culture in your Product team 🚀

As you climb up the ladder to become a Product leader , you gain an additional responsibility of nurturing & developing user insights skills for your entire team as well.

One of the easiest hack is to engage the PMs in answering customer support calls/queries themselves. Such exercise ensures that PMs develops strong empathy towards customers.

Here are some quick strategies which can help to build a user-centric culture :-

  1. Take the initiative of being a Product leader & start visiting customer yourself & broadcast your insights across teams.
  2. Ensure 1 week stint for all PMs in your team
  3. Initiate a customer calls/visits competition & flash the weekly/monthly winners
  4. Introduce Customer empathy section in the Product spec template
  5. Enquire about user insights in the Product review
  6. Schedule zoom calls /visit customers in their office/home on fortnightly basis
  7. Discuss “ User-insight of the Week /Month“ in your team meeting
  8. Invite customer support POCs to take one session for the PMs & share their learnings or pain points

Currently this is best suited for the PMs in your team , however if Design , Technology , QA team comes to party then this is extremely helpful for overall Product .

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