How Product Managers’ can tame busy drives & rabbit holes?

Rohit Verma
3 min readAug 12, 2022


PMs' calendars are always overflowing with tasks and meetings. They are jumping from meetings to meetings & yet there is no substantial sense of accomplishment. The reason is they are slaves of busy drives & persistent rabbit holes.

How to address these rabbit holes?

I am listing down the key steps which can help to address these concerns and will help to carve out time for the most important tasks.

  • Focus on your personal daily north star metric
    PMs are busy all day chasing the north start metric of the org. Similarly, they should identify the north start of their whole day & should make a genuine attempt to chase that. It can be a professional or personal one ( like learning golf ).
  • Integrate the daily north star metric in your rituals
    In order to instil and internalize discipline against the daily north star, you should be diligent enough to make it part of your daily rituals. Block the calendar slots accordingly. It will ensure that your commitment is still reminded to you on daily basis.
  • Create your own DND (Do Not Disturb) Zone
    It’s true that ambience plays a huge role in activating our brain cells to work in a focus mode. Distracting ambience or constant notification from your smartphone is never going to be conducive to your goals. It can be a coffee shop or park or any of the meeting rooms.
  • Make excuses to move your body at regular intervals
    We are living in the era of instant deliveries and extreme convenience. This is spoiling us & make us embrace the sedentary lifestyle in a nonchalant manner. In order to carve out time for yourself, it’s important to not correlate movements with being unproductive. Our brains behave completely differently when we are doing a workout of any form. It helps us to clear our thoughts and bring more clarity and focus to our activities.

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