Decipher the product analytics & logging for Product Managers

What are events?

What type of information can be passed in the events?

  • Name of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Unique ID of the user
  • Platform used by the user
  • OS version of the user
  • Device type
  • Communication/Error message displayed to the user

What happened once the event information is triggered?

A quick example

  • screen_name: enteryourmobileno
  • event_type : click
  • event_sub_type : button
  • event_name : next
  • event_id :
  • event_metadata: {“Mobile no”:”9999999999", “Full name”:”,” Referral code”:” WINNER76”, message:” name is empty”}



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Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma


Senior Product Manager @AngelOne, ex-@Flipkart, @Cleartrip @IIM Bangalore. Interests: Product, Technology, Strategy, Startups, Fintech & E-commerce!