Classifying the Product Manager’s work into 2 categories 🛣️

  • Focus on delivering value to users — For instance, key features which reduce the pain points of users in achieving their goal, usability, cross-platform support, privacy, reliability & speed.
  • Focus on deriving value from users — Such initiatives include increasing the price, improving monetization across all touchpoints, and improving engagement rates through hacks.
  • There is a huge disadvantage as organizations become detached from their users that they treat them as just metrics in the dashboard rather than real users with goals, capabilities, and constraints. They aren’t able to identify the gaps in the current solution & they conveniently ignore sustainable paths riding on previous success.
  • Organizations become complacent as they are more comfortable measuring their own internal metrics rather than taking a stand from the customer perspective and capturing tough metrics such as the happiness index of the users while interacting with your product.
  • Once the MVP is launched, it is easier to capture the easy wins first, and thought-provoking & innovative ideas to improve user experience takes the back seat. This habit consumes the resource unless the organization wishes to break the shackles and bring innovation & elevation in user experience to the forefront.



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Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma


Senior Product Manager @AngelOne, ex-@Flipkart, @Cleartrip @IIM Bangalore. Interests: Product, Technology, Strategy, Startups, Fintech & E-commerce!