A short guide on deriving valuable User Insights

Methods of speaking to users :-

  • Live face to face meetings ( It’s the most recommended method )
  • Sending Emails
  • Sending Surveys
  • Reading existing user research by your Org

Here is a list of questions which can help to dive deeper :-

  1. Could you please help me to showcase how you would use the feature you are suggesting?
  2. What step you took before using that feature ?
  3. What step you took post using the feature ?
  4. What are the hurdles you face while using that feature?
  5. What are the nature of those hurdles — Very high/high/medium/low ?
  6. Was the feature ,part of the main task you are trying to accomplish ?
  7. How you achieved your task previously in absence of this feature?
  8. What stopped you from using that same methodology ?
  9. How you are currently solving your problem or achieving that task ?
  10. Is this feature alone enough in making you switch from the current solution ? Or you need additional features to compliment the same?
  11. I would like to describe your problem in my own words ( Example:- As a user , I wish to browse the most popular restaurant around my locality so as to satiate my hunger or to spend time with my family while dining ). Did I miss anything ?
  12. Are you impressed by any of the solution offered by competitors ?What makes it click for you ?



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Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma

Senior Product Manager @AngelOne, ex-@Flipkart, @Cleartrip. Interests: Product, Technology, Strategy, Startups, Fintech & E-commerce!