PM’s can assess the product’s health & financial feasibility by measuring the metrics divided into the below 5 buckets :

  1. Product journey 🛣️
    → Are users successfully able to achieve their job with your product?
  2. Actionable utility metrics ⚒️
    → What are the leading signals of user behavior that indicate they…

Listening is an underrated skill: Often, we are trained only how to speak well but not how to listen productively. In addition, we tend to think of listening as something passive. But listening takes on an active, engaging quality when it’s polished well.

4 reasons — Why listening is important for PMs ❓

  • Helps in amassing new information
  • Helps to…

Rohit Verma

Product Manager @AngelOne, ex-@Flipkart, @Cleartrip. Interests: Product, Technology, Strategy, Startups, Fintech& E-commerce!

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