Listening is an underrated skill: Often, we are trained only how to speak well but not how to listen productively. In addition, we tend to think of listening as something passive. But listening takes on an active, engaging quality when it’s polished well.

4 reasons — Why listening is important for PMs ❓

  • Helps in amassing new information
  • Helps to…

Stakeholder management is one of the sought-after skills required in a Product Manager. A PM interacts with stakeholders individually and makes an attempt to convince them to onboard on a plan or to negotiate with them. This approach looks flawless in theory but it has its own pitfalls.

  1. Individual stakeholders…

As a product manager, you will be dealing with plenty of biases. Your aim is to ensure that organizational goals are achieved and thus being aware of such cognitive biases in advance can help you discover these biases early and tackle them in a successful manner.

The contender mindset helps us to unwind conflicting data, flaws, and concealed assumptions that assist in predicting critical issues. The aim is to look out for the edge cases & handle them diligently.

It’s a good practice to approach each step with a hypothesis that needs validation. It can help…

An analyst mindset is a key to identify your user & their needs. It’s advisable to deep dive into product data to unravel hidden trends, insights, or outliers. These insights can be shared among the stakeholders to build a common understanding & set the correct backdrop for the problem statement.

Another one joins the Clubhouse party 🎉 — this time it’s Slack!

Slack launched huddle as a collaboration tool & positioned it as a tool to recreate the spontaneous and informal discussions that you miss from the office — the digital equivalent of a tap on a colleague’s shoulder, or…

WhatsApp has released a new update, which brings a new user interface for calls as well as a new feature for group calls.

The calling window has been completely revamped, the controls like buttons for mute, camera switching, closing video, and declining the call are all place in a…

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A creative mindset in product management can fuel the power of vision & helps to manifest solutions from multiple approaches. It serves as the most important tool in recognizing opportunities & subsequent paths to resolve users’ pain points.

Top 5 steps in developing a Creative Mindset:

  • Identify & understand your…

Creating a product management toolkit is an integral part of product success. Tools also help to bring structure to the whole process & helps to define the problem statement & managing the flows in an efficient manner. …

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