5 Pillars of Product Mindset

Recognize Goals

Rank the goals

Scout for clever & chic design

Create solid success criteria

  • Avoid Copy Mistakes
    If you come across poorly written copy or mistakes, don’t hesitate even for a second & get those corrected on priority. These are the low-hanging fruits & if missed can bring serious credibility issues for you in the organization.
  • Perform Cost-benefit Analysis in addressing issues
    It’s a fact that you can’t fix all the issues in one go so it is important to analyze the business impact of all the issues ( involve relevant stakeholders ) & then align the team accordingly. In parallel, create a roadmap for fixing the issues as well so that those are not missed out.
  • Weed out quality issues
    It can be pertaining to poor alignment or misplace UI elements, debugging the flows based on user personas, identify if there is any learning curve to be followed for users. Do onboard the User researcher SPOC from your team to identify these issues.

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